Medoo: Your Intelligent Coaching Partner

Medoo is a groundbreaking AI-powered coaching software designed to enhance coachee retention, engagement, and progress. It serves as a robust tool not only for coaches but also for coachees, streamlining goal setting, progress tracking, and the storage of insightful conversations to ensure seamless and productive coaching sessions.

Semrush rank: 4.7m
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Aug. 2021


  • Co-created with Coaches & Coachees: Developed collaboratively with coaches and coachees, Medoo perfectly aligns with the specific needs and demands of a cohesive and effective coaching relationship.
  • AI-Powered for Accelerated Growth: Leveraging AI technology, Medoo offers simplified tracking, data visualization, and mind maps to monitor your coachee’s progress efficiently.
  • Shared Journal for a Secure Space: Medoo provides a shared journal for coaches and coachees to align goals, actions, and record insightful discussions, creating a safe and productive space for collaboration.
  • Customizable Resource Library: Enrich your coaching sessions with a variety of resources and exercises from Medoo’s custom library, promoting self-reflection and rapid learning.
  • Track and Motivate Actions: With Medoo, you can easily set goals, break them into actionable steps, and monitor progress to both inspire and hold the coachee accountable.

Use Cases:

  • For Coaches: Coaches can leverage Medoo to elevate their coaching practices by creating custom coaching journeys and monitoring the progress of their coachees.
  • For People Leaders: Medoo enables People Leaders to design coaching journeys, set goals, track progress, and facilitate better communication during 1:1 sessions.
  • For Therapists: Therapists can utilize Medoo to design personalized treatment plans and collaborate with patients to achieve their goals.
  • For Personal Growth: Individuals seeking personal growth can make use of Medoo’s self-coaching feature to monitor their goals and progress.

Medoo revolutionizes the coaching landscape by providing an all-in-one AI-powered platform that streamlines the coaching process for an enriched experience.

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