AI-Powered Coaching by Kona

Kona: Your AI-Powered Leadership Coach for Remote Team Management

Kona is your AI-powered leadership coach meticulously crafted for remote team managers. Seamlessly integrated with Slack, Kona equips managers with the essential tools to facilitate challenging discussions, prepare for meetings, and elevate team spirit through engaging emoji-based check-ins.

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Location: DATA REDACTED,United States of America
Release time: Jan. 2021


  • Team Morale Boost: Elevate team morale with lively emoji-based check-ins that infuse communication with fun and engagement.
  • Anonymous Feedback: Foster candidness and transparency within your team through built-in anonymous feedback via Slack.
  • AI Coaching: Experience 24/7 access to executive coaching right in your pocket, courtesy of Kona’s AI Coach.
  • Team Alerts: Stay informed and be there for your team during critical moments with the assistance of Team Alerts.

Use Cases:

  • Effective Remote Team Leadership: Lead remote teams adeptly, address interpersonal challenges, promote accountability, and align your team toward common objectives.
  • Mastering Complex Conversations: Leverage expert leadership advice and frameworks from Kona to navigate challenging dialogues and conflicts professionally.
  • Personal Growth Journey: Maximize your personal development budget with Kona, benefiting from personalized guidance that evolves in sync with your unique leadership style.
  • Change Management Proficiency: Kona assists managers in effectively handling team disengagement and change management challenges.

Kona introduces a groundbreaking paradigm for managing remote teams, uniting artificial intelligence with leadership coaching. This all-inclusive platform is meticulously designed to bolster managers in every dimension, offering a rich array of tools and resources to enhance team productivity and engagement, while concurrently nurturing personal development.

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