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Embark on a musical journey with Loudly, the AI Music Generator that empowers you to create incredible music in mere seconds. Our user-friendly tool requires no prior experience, making professional-quality music accessible to everyone.

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Location: Germany
Release time: Apr. 1998


  • Quick and Easy: Experience the simplicity of music creation with our AI Music Generator. Achieve professional-quality results in seconds, even if you’re new to music composition.
  • Customizable Genres and Energy Levels: Tailor your music to your liking by selecting the primary genre, ranging from techno to jazz, and fine-tune the energy level to match your preferences, whether it’s low, original, or high.
  • Versatile Output: Whether you’re crafting background music for a video or producing a track for any project, Loudly’s AI Music Generator delivers the perfect sound for every occasion.

Use Cases:

  • Background Music for Videos: Effortlessly create custom background music to enhance the depth and appeal of your video content.
  • Podcast Intros/Outros: Craft the ideal intro or outro music for your podcast, adding a unique and captivating touch with Loudly’s AI Music Generator.

Step into the world of professional music production with ease and versatility. Try the Loudly AI Music Generator today and unlock the potential to create outstanding musical compositions effortlessly.

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