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Explore Logo Rank, an AI system meticulously trained on over a million logo images to provide insightful tips and ideas. Utilize it to assess your logo design, examining factors such as uniqueness, legibility, color/contrast, and more.

Semrush rank: 157.0k
Location: Iceland
Release time: Mar. 2017


  • Random Logo Generator: Access a randomly generated logo image to evaluate against our AI system.
  • Uniqueness Metric: Our AI assesses the similarity of your logo design to our extensive library of over 1 million icons, ensuring it stands out visually and is easily distinguishable.
  • Legibility Score: A strong and bold silhouette is a key characteristic of a great logo – our AI ensures your logo maintains recognizability at low resolutions and on mobile devices.
  • Color/Contrast Analysis: Leverage color psychology with our AI to establish brand positioning and draw attention to key elements in your logo design.

Use Cases:

  • Logo Designers: Logo Rank is an invaluable tool for logo designers to test and enhance their designs, guided by an AI system with a deep understanding of logo aesthetics.
  • Brand Managers: Ensure that your new logo design meets the highest standards of uniqueness, legibility, and color/contrast before unveiling and establishing your brand.

While AI provides valuable insights for logo design, remember that human judgment remains paramount. Utilize Logo Rank as a tool to refine your logo design, and feel free to diverge from its recommendations to authentically represent your brand essence.

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