MakeLogoAI: Unique Logos, 100% generated by AI

Create distinctive logos with AI. Starting a new project and reluctant to spend extensively on a logo? Utilize the prowess of artificial intelligence to generate stunning and unique logos for your projects. 100% Powered by AI.

Semrush rank: 2.4m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Dec. 2022


  • Multiple concepts to choose from: AI will provide various text concepts for your logos based on your project information.
  • HD + transparent background: Receive HD versions of each concept with a transparent background.
  • Delivered in less than 24 hours: Get your logo delivered in less than 24 hours.

Use Cases:

  • Launching a new project: Effortlessly create a unique logo for your new project within minutes using AI technology.
  • Low-cost logo creation: Obtain a professional logo for your business at an affordable price with MakeLogoAI.
  • Quick logo design: Generate a logo in under an hour with MakeLogoAI’s speedy generative AI technology.

MakeLogoAI provides a simple and cost-effective way to craft a distinctive logo for your project. Its AI technology generates multiple concepts, delivering the logo in HD with a transparent background in under 24 hours. With affordable pricing packages and a 30% discount during its beta phase, MakeLogoAI is the ideal solution for those seeking professional logo design on a budget.

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