LLMStack: Empowering Your AI Apps & Chatbots with Data Sovereignty

Discover the leading open-source, no-code platform, LLMStack, designed for constructing AI applications, chatbots, and agents with your data at the forefront. Leverage major model providers and concentrate on what matters most – your data. Share apps freely or control access as needed.

Semrush rank: 18.8m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Aug. 2023


  • Support for Major Model Providers: LLMStack seamlessly integrates with major model providers, including OpenAI, Cohere, Stability AI, Hugging Face, and more. Utilize these models effortlessly to construct robust applications.
  • User-Friendly Model Chaining and Data Import: Import and connect your data to LLM models, supercharging your generative AI applications and chatbots. Support for a diverse range of data sources, including web URLs, sitemaps, PDFs, audio, PPTs, Google Drive, Notion imports, and more.
  • Collaborative and Controlled App Building: Share your apps globally or restrict access using our granular permission model. The platform accommodates viewer and collaborator roles, enabling multiple users to collaboratively modify and build apps.

Use Cases:

  • Generative AI Applications: Empower yourself to create innovative AI applications, addressing real-world problems effortlessly with LLMStack, regardless of your programming skills.
  • Chatbots and Digital Agents: Revolutionize customer service with AI-powered chatbots and digital agents. Train these chatbots with your data for personalized, efficient customer interactions using the user-friendly capabilities of LLMStack.

LLMStack stands as the go-to platform for anyone eager to harness the power of artificial intelligence. With support for major model providers and a user-friendly interface, building your own applications or chatbots has never been more accessible. Begin your AI journey with LLMStack today.

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