Hippocratic AI: Pioneering Safety in Healthcare with Advanced Technology

Hippocratic AI stands as the first safety-focused language model (LLM) designed specifically for healthcare. Achieving excellence in rigorous healthcare exams and certifications, this advanced model is tailored for various health applications, employing precise, evidence-supported content. Emphasizing professional healthcare readiness, Hippocratic AI places a special focus on the importance of bedside manners.

Semrush rank: 796.5k
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: May. 2023


  • Venerated Performance: Outperforming GPT-4 in 105 of 114 healthcare exams and certifications, Hippocratic AI sets a new standard for performance in the healthcare domain.
  • Evidence-Based Content: Distinguishing itself from regular LLMs that pre-train on general internet data, Hippocratic AI utilizes legally acquired evidence-based healthcare content for enhanced accuracy and reliability.
  • Preparation for Readiness: Collaborating with healthcare professionals, Hippocratic AI actively engages in training and validating the model to ensure its deployment readiness and effectiveness in real-world healthcare scenarios.
  • Focus on Compassion: Highlighting the significance of bedside manners, Hippocratic AI brings compassion and empathy to diagnostic AI systems, acknowledging the crucial human aspect in healthcare.

Use Cases:

  • Equity in Healthcare Access: By applying Hippocratic AI in various healthcare domains, significant improvements in healthcare access, equity, and patient outcomes can be achieved.
  • Health Outcome Improvement: The system’s emphasis on empathy and attention to bedside manners contributes to enhanced emotional well-being and improved overall health outcomes for patients.
  • Collaboration with Healthcare Industry: Through a unique Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback process, Hippocratic AI establishes resonance with healthcare professionals, ensuring ongoing collaboration in both model training and validation.

Hippocratic AI is at the forefront of propelling healthcare into the future by integrating evidence-based content and optimal bedside manners into AI systems. The company’s commitment to collaboration and continuous improvement positions them as pioneers in the application of AI to healthcare.

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