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Koble - Elevate Your Startup with Founder-Market Fit Assessment and VC Comparison

Empower your startup journey with Koble's unique offering to gauge how venture capitalists perceive you in comparison to accomplished founders. Assess your founder-market fit, receive personalized advice, and understand the qualities to seek in a co-founder. Leverage this data-driven approach to instill complete confidence in your founding team among potential investors.

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Release time: May. 2020


  • Founder-Market Fit Report: Calculate your founder-market fit and benchmark yourself against successful startup founders. Gain valuable insights and personalized advice aligned with your unique founderfit score.
  • VC Perception Analysis: Koble’s proprietary algorithms analyze thousands of data points, revealing how VCs perceive you in comparison to other accomplished founders. Evaluation criteria include experience, personality, and your founder story.
  • Comparison with VC-Backed Founders: Evaluate your standing against top founders from promising startups. Uncover your likelihood of success and gain insights into potential challenges you may encounter on your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Optimal Co-Founder Selection: Leverage Koble’s algorithms to identify key attributes in a co-founder, ensuring that your founding team inspires complete confidence among investors.

Use Cases:

  • Fundraising Edge: Gain a fundraising edge with Koble’s data-driven insights. Understand how VCs perceive you, identify crucial co-founder qualities, and benchmark yourself against successful VC-backed founders.
  • Co-Founder Selection: Utilize Koble to select the ideal co-founder, complementing your skill set and bolstering investor confidence in your founding team.

Koble empowers you to make informed, data-driven decisions for your startup and founding team. It provides a fundraising edge, assists in finding the perfect co-founder, and allows you to gauge your standing against successful VC-backed founders based on precise evaluation criteria. Moreover, Koble ensures privacy by default, safeguarding your information with the utmost security.

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