Empower Your Business with Novable: Pioneer in Startup and Innovation Scouting

Discover the future of business innovation with Novable, where cutting-edge AI technology meets human expertise to revolutionize startup and innovation scouting. We bring promising startups to businesses across diverse industries, offering comprehensive validation and engagement support for mutual success.

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Location: Belgium
Release time: Sep. 1997


  • Revolutionary Innovation Scouting: Experience the power of our advanced AI technology, DeepMatching™, facilitating efficient and effective scouting of innovative startups that align with your business goals.
  • Thorough Startup Validation: Trust in our rigorous validation process, where startups undergo in-depth analysis, benchmarking, and vetting to ensure the highest standards of quality and compatibility.
  • Initiating First Engagements: Benefit from our expert assistance in structured outreach, introductions, and hosting demo days, facilitating the establishment of initial engagement with the most promising startups.
  • Global Scouting Coverage: Explore a world of opportunities with our scouting that spans across industries and countries, providing a diverse array of innovative companies to choose from.

Use Cases:

  • Revolutionizing Ecommerce Tech: In just two iterations and a mere 2 hours of work, Novable identified a groundbreaking technology in the Ecommerce sector, making the seemingly non-existent a reality.
  • MedTech Market Expansion: Through extensive market research, Novable delivered a multitude of new and undiscovered MedTech companies, significantly enhancing customer value.
  • Mapping Technology Landscape: Novable serves as a technology mapping expert, creating contextual networks of potential partners and contributing to a deeper understanding of the current tech landscape.
  • Driving Pharmaceutical Innovation: In the dynamic pharmaceutical industry, Novable efficiently aids companies in finding and engaging with relevant startups to fuel continuous innovation.

Novable stands as a beacon of innovation, seamlessly blending AI prowess with expert guidance. From Ecommerce to MedTech and Pharmaceuticals, our success stories reflect efficiency and mutual benefit. Partner with Novable and revolutionize your approach to startup scouting and innovation.

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