FormX: Revolutionizing Data Extraction with AI

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence to transform information from physical documents into structured digital data with FormX. This cutting-edge tool comes equipped with pre-configured data extraction models, seamless API integration, and a user-friendly web portal.

Pricing: Paid,$299/mo
Semrush rank: 2.5m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Sep. 2020


  • Pre-configured Data Extraction Models: FormX offers preconfigured extraction models for shopping receipts, ID cards, and official licenses, ensuring swift and accurate data extraction with just a click.
  • Effortless API Integration: Receive extraction results in JSON format, facilitating easy integration with any software and enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • User-friendly Web Portal: Utilize a low or no-code platform with intuitive instructions, allowing you to manage parsing configurations and test extractions seamlessly.
  • Mobile Phone Scanning: Optimize document photos for light, contrast, skew correction, and edge normalization with FormX, significantly improving extraction accuracy.

Use Cases:

  • Li Ka Shing Foundation Applications: Automate the extraction of business data from official documents, streamlining the application process for those in need of financial support from the Li Ka Shing Foundation.
  • Wilson Parking Redemption Program: Simplify the submission and scanning of shopping receipts for customer loyalty redemption with FormX, optimizing the efficiency of the Wilson Parking Redemption Program.
  • Link Reit Parking Lot Membership: Streamline the management of parking lot memberships by collecting information from vehicles in parking lots using FormX.

Experience the ease and accuracy of data extraction from physical documents with FormX. Trusted by organizations across various industries, it’s the ultimate solution for automating data capture. Schedule a demo today! Alternatives: Related Articles:

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