Facial Assessment Tool

QOVES: Your Personal Beauty Guide

QOVES, an AI-powered facial assessment tool, evaluates your facial features and offers tailored solutions to enhance your overall appearance.

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Location: Australia
Release time: Sep. 2018


  • Facial Analysis Report: Receive a personalized guide to enhance your overall looks through detailed facial analysis.
  • Hairline Design Report: Explore options and solutions if you are experiencing hair loss, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of your aesthetic concerns.
  • Style Lookbook: Access fashion and styling advice tailored to complement your unique face and body features, enhancing your personal style.
  • Frontal Face Morph: Visualize variations of your face using Photoshop to preview potential enhancements and changes.
  • Photoshop Retouching: Benefit from advanced image restoration, modification, and retouching services for more complex aesthetic adjustments.

Use Cases:

  • Assessments: Conduct thorough assessments of your facial features and receive a comprehensive report outlining personalized strategies for enhancement.
  • Facial Analysis Tool: Upload your facial image to receive a detailed report addressing specific cosmetic concerns, ensuring a personalized approach to your unique features.
  • Deep Dive: Gain scientific insights into the factors influencing your appearance, offering an in-depth understanding of the elements impacting your looks.

QOVES serves as your all-in-one solution to elevate your looks and boost your confidence!

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