Stillgram™ - A.I. Travel Photo Camera App for iPhone®

Stillgram is an A.I. travel camera app for iPhone® that effortlessly removes background crowds from your photos. With just one tap, share your stillgrams with friends and explore professional photo editing features.

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  • Photos Like Never Before Possible: Stillgram empowers you to capture photos like never before, allowing you to immortalize empty street scenes as if you were the sole person present. This process is automatic, seamlessly integrated into your iPhone’s camera app.
  • Who’s Staying In The Photo: Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Stillgram comprehends the visual elements in your picture. In the PRO version, you can designate individuals to stay in the photo with a simple tap, offering advanced customization options.
  • Stillgram Doesn’t Use Mobile Data: Operating 100% offline, Stillgram’s A.I. models run directly on your iPhone, conserving significant mobile data that would typically be consumed by cloud-based A.I. apps.
  • Ultra-fast on Neural Engine: Optimized for the incredible Neural Engine of the iPhone, Stillgram’s A.I. ensures ultra-fast performance. Tap once, and your stillgrams are promptly ready for your admiration.

Use Cases:

  • Travel Photography: Capture pristine, uncluttered photos of renowned destinations worldwide without any disruptive background crowds. Perfect for travel enthusiasts.
  • Professional Photography: Elevate your photography skills with Stillgram. Remove crowds from the background, accentuating the subject. Ideal for professional photographers seeking perfection.
  • Social Media Content: Craft visually stunning content for your social media platforms using Stillgram. The app’s potent A.I. transforms ordinary photos into extraordinary works of art, making it a must-have for influencers and content creators.

Stillgram™ is revolutionizing the way we capture and relive memories. Whether you’re a traveler, a professional photographer, or a social media influencer, immerse yourself in the enchanting effects created by Stillgram’s A.I.-powered camera app.

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