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ExplainDev serves as your trusted code understanding companion, empowering developers to rapidly enhance their skills and work independently. Whether you're reading or programming, ExplainDev provides assistance exactly where you need it.

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Location: Canada
Release time: Dec. 2021


  • Simplified Code Explanations: ExplainDev delivers code explanations in plain language, making complex technical concepts easily comprehensible for developers.
  • Contextual Technical Answers: ExplainDev offers context-specific answers to technical questions, enabling developers to grasp the ‘why’ behind the code they encounter.
  • Guidance for Continuous Learning: ExplainDev provides guidance on what to learn next, facilitating faster up-skilling and keeping developers updated with the latest technologies.

Use Cases:

  • Junior Developers: Junior developers can rely on ExplainDev to expedite their onboarding process, reducing time spent on inquiries and Zoom calls.
  • Software Engineers: Software engineers leverage ExplainDev to comprehend code snippets on Stack Overflow or in documentation more effectively.
  • Founders: Founders streamline their workflow by accessing prompt answers to technical queries, minimizing the need for external resource searches.
  • Computer Science Students: Computer science students optimize their code reading experience on Stack Overflow, identifying vital code components for their projects with ease.
  • Coding Instructors: Coding instructors simplify code explanations into plain English, assisting students in swiftly grasping code logic and functionality.

ExplainDev is an invaluable tool for developers aiming to elevate their skills and work autonomously. With its plain language code explanations, context-based technical answers, and expert guidance for continuous learning, ExplainDev has redefined the developer community’s learning experience. Join our community of skill-enhancers and approach coding, whether reading or programming, with newfound confidence!

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