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Cody - Your Sourcegraph AI Coding Assistant

Cody is a powerful, open-source AI coding assistant powered by Sourcegraph's code graph and Large Language Models (LLMs). It's designed to write code and provide solutions based on your specific codebase.

Semrush rank: 175.7k


  • AI Code Chatbot: Meet your AI-powered code assistant. Cody adapts to your project’s coding conventions and architecture, setting it apart from other AI code chatbots. You can seamlessly chat with Cody from your code editor or directly within the Sourcegraph sidebar.
  • Interactive Code Fixes: Cody can assist you in making interactive code edits and refactoring by following natural-language instructions.
  • Code Recipes: Leveraging its codebase awareness, Cody can generate unit tests, documentation, and more. You can simplify your development process with just a few clicks using our pre-built code recipes.
  • Context-Based Autocompletion: Cody offers context-based code auto-completion as you type, making coding easier and more efficient with predictive suggestions.

Use Cases:

  • Cody for All: Cody is available for Sourcegraph Enterprise customers, Cody app users, and open-source users. You can install the Cody VS Code extension and the experimental JetBrains extension, as well as configure code graph context to supercharge your coding experience.

Cody is a versatile AI coding assistant equipped with features like the code chatbot, inline code fixing, code recipes, and context-based autocompletion. Whether you’re a Sourcegraph Enterprise customer, Cody app user, or open-source user, Cody is here to enhance your coding journey.

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