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EssayGrader: Streamlining Essay Grading for Educators

EssayGrader is a dedicated tool designed for teachers to efficiently grade essays and papers online. Receive essay feedback based on predefined rubrics, identify grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, summarize lengthy essays, and even detect whether an essay was written by AI.

Semrush rank: 950.2k
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Jan. 2023


  • Comprehensive Feedback: Obtain detailed writing feedback reports aligned with grading rubrics, expediting the grading process or aiding students by pinpointing areas for improvement.
  • Error Identification: Access thorough error reports highlighting grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in essays. Accelerate grading or provide constructive feedback to students.
  • Efficient Summarization: Rapidly summarize extensive essays to extract crucial information and identify unique phrases, facilitating a quicker review process.
  • AI Detection: Identify whether an essay was written by AI, equipping teachers with the ability to detect potential instances of cheating.

Use Cases:

  • Feedback Report Example: Explore how our software generates writing feedback and estimated grades based on established grading standards.
  • Error Report Example: Witness how our software meticulously identifies multiple errors in an essay, covering grammar, punctuation, and exposition.
  • AI Detection Example: See how our software can detect instances where students may be using AI to compose their essays.
  • Summarized Essay Example: Experience how our software condenses extensive essays into concise summaries for efficient review.

EssayGrader is committed to revolutionizing the essay grading experience for teachers—making it faster and more accurate—while simultaneously aiding students in enhancing their writing skills. Stay informed about updates and improvements by joining our newsletter.

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