DoNotPay - Your Ultimate Legal Assistant

Experience the innovation of the world's first robot lawyer with the DoNotPay app. Take on corporations, conquer bureaucracy, and access legal information and self-help effortlessly.

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Release time: Jul. 2008


  • Corporate Battle Buddy: With just a button press, DoNotPay becomes your ally in the fight against corporations, empowering you to assert your rights.
  • Bureaucracy Buster: Let DoNotPay handle government paperwork, ticket disputes, and various bureaucratic processes, streamlining your interactions with officialdom.
  • Uncover Hidden Funds: DoNotPay is your guide to retrieving money from canceled subscriptions, airline flight compensations, and other overlooked reimbursements.
  • Simplified Lawsuits: Sue anyone effortlessly and quickly with the support of DoNotPay, making legal action more accessible to everyone.
  • Trial-Free Subscriptions: DoNotPay automatically cancels your free trials, preventing unwanted charges for services or subscriptions you no longer require.

Use Cases:

  • Parking Ticket Refund Assistance: Count on DoNotPay to assist you in claiming refunds for parking tickets and other related fines.
  • Rapid Customer Service Resolution: Resolve immediate customer service issues quickly and effortlessly with the support of DoNotPay.
  • Legal Protections at Your Fingertips: DoNotPay offers assistance with legal protections such as wage protection, landlord disputes, employee rights, and more.

DoNotPay is not just an app; it’s your innovative legal companion, simplifying complex legal and bureaucratic processes. Navigate disputes, secure refunds, and discover hidden funds seamlessly. With the world’s first robot lawyer features, DoNotPay provides access to legal information and self-help services. Sign up today to simplify your life.

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