- Your AI-Powered Partner for Advertising Strategy and Creative Concepts harnesses the capabilities of a vast language model, trained on human-crafted creative advertising campaigns, to generate strategic briefs and creative concepts instantly, catering to the needs of creatives and agencies. Meet Ari, the world's first AI creative partner, offering personalized ideas and revisions in a collaborative, natural chat interface.

Pricing: Paid,$19/mo
Semrush rank: 39.2m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Oct. 2022


  • Dual Output Modes: Switch between two output modes to create tailor-made deliverables suitable for both strategists and creatives. Each mode draws from a distinct, custom-built training dataset for crafting strategic briefs and creative ideas.
  • AI Creative Partner – Meet Ari: introduces Ari, the first AI creative partner, working closely with creative teams to generate and refine personalized ideas in a collaborative, human-like chat interface.
  • Effortless Output Management: Save generated ideas into custom folders and neatly organize them by client, project, campaign, or content type for quick access and efficient output management.

Use Cases:

  • Instant Strategic Briefs: can produce on-demand strategic briefs for advertising campaigns, drawing from a custom-built training dataset of recognized campaigns. It empowers strategists with professional strategic ideas without the need to start from scratch.
  • Creative Concepts on Demand: Leveraging a specialized training dataset of acclaimed campaigns, crafts creative concepts for advertising campaigns. It supplies creatives with personalized ideas that can be used independently or in conjunction with strategic briefs for comprehensive advertising campaigns. eliminates the need for creatives and agencies to spend hours or days brainstorming and ideating for advertising campaigns. Its AI-powered tools create personalized strategic briefs and creative concepts instantly, saving time and effort. With Ari, the first AI creative partner, revolutionizes the advertising industry by providing an intuitive, collaborative platform for creatives. Register now for a complimentary 10-day trial and unlock the potential of this groundbreaking tool for advertising strategy and creative concepts. Alternatives: Related Articles:

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