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Keywee: Empowering Publishers to Supercharge Revenue Growth

Discover a tailored platform and expert-managed service designed to elevate your paid media and content distribution strategies.

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Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Oct. 2012


  • Audience Development & Email Acquisition: Drive cost-effective, high-quality audiences from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Branded Content: Precisely predict and pace paid traffic for branded content campaigns, ensuring that you meet your traffic and video view goals while maintaining profitability.
  • Paid Subscribers: Connect with your dedicated readers and efficiently acquire high-quality subscribers at scale, tailored to various subscription models.
  • E-commerce & Affiliate Content: Maximize the ROI of on-site and affiliate purchases by directing relevant traffic to your offerings.
  • Ad Revenue Optimization: Automatically enhance Facebook bids and generate data-driven creatives to boost your ad revenue while staying compliant with Facebook’s policies.

Use Cases:

  • Cultivate a Devoted Audience: Nurturing an engaged audience is the cornerstone of business success. Keywee harnesses data-driven copy and targeting to draw cost-effective, high-quality audiences from social media platforms.
  • Achieve Traffic and Video View Goals: Accurately predict and regulate paid traffic for your branded content campaigns, ensuring that you attain the right traffic volume to meet your objectives while preserving profitability.
  • Monetize Loyal Readers: Engage with your loyal readers and identify high-quality subscribers at cost-effective scale, accommodating various subscription models.
  • Maximize ROI for E-commerce and Affiliate Content: Diversify your revenue streams by directing relevant ‘bottom-of-the-funnel’ audiences to maximize purchase potential.
  • Boost Ad Revenue Responsibly: Automatically optimize Facebook bids and generate data-driven creatives to amplify your ad revenue while ensuring compliance with Facebook’s policies.

Keywee delivers publishers a purpose-built platform and a hands-on managed service, tailored to supercharge their revenue growth through a range of strategic approaches.

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