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Connected Papers: Visualize and Explore Academic Papers in Your Field

Connected Papers is a powerful visual tool designed to assist researchers and applied scientists in locating academic papers that are pertinent to their specific areas of work.

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Release time: Nov. 2019


  • Automated Paper Graphs: Simply input a representative paper, and we’ll generate a visual graph displaying related papers in the same research field.
  • Visual Insights: Effortlessly explore and construct graphs for intriguing papers, enabling you to gain a visual understanding of research trends and dynamics.
  • Stay Informed: Search for and visually identify recent and critical papers across various fields, including Machine Learning, so you never miss an essential publication.
  • Bibliography Assistance: Seamlessly complete your references using Connected Papers, simplifying the creation of your thesis bibliography.
  • Uncover Pertinent Works: Access ancestor works and literature reviews in your research field through the Prior Works and Derivative Works views.
  • Diverse Scientific Fields: Whether your expertise lies in Machine Learning, Biology, or Philosophy, our Semantic Scholar database caters to all scientific domains.
  • Community Collaboration: Become a part of our sponsored community, where you can engage in data science projects and utilize versatile Android E-Ink tablets, among other opportunities.

Use Cases:

  • Researchers and Scholars: Connected Papers is the go-to tool for researchers and scholars, offering visual insights into new research areas and helping locate related papers.
  • Thesis Writers and Academics: Thesis writers and academics can conveniently construct their bibliography, discover pertinent works, and fill gaps in their references.
  • Applied Scientists and Industry Professionals: Applied scientists and professionals can efficiently search for and visually explore recent and crucial papers in their specific fields of interest.

Connected Papers is an indispensable visual tool that empowers researchers and scientists to explore, discover, and stay current with academic papers in their respective fields.

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