Clevis - Empowering You to Build and Monetize AI-Powered Apps Code-Free

Clevis revolutionizes app development by allowing users to effortlessly create AI-powered applications without the need for coding. With its intuitive interface and a diverse set of pre-built processing steps, users can seamlessly build and sell apps featuring text generation, image manipulation, and interactive chat interfaces.

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  • Effortless App Creation: Merge user input, AI processing, and web scraping effortlessly to bring your app to life.
  • Share and Publish: Generate a shareable link to easily distribute your published app to a broader audience.
  • Monetize Your Apps: Enable monetization by connecting your Stripe account, allowing you to sell your apps with flexible, usage-based pricing.

Use Cases:

  • Text Generation: Craft AI-powered apps capable of generating text based on user input.
  • Image Manipulation: Construct apps with advanced AI features for manipulating and enhancing images.
  • Interactive Chat Interfaces: Develop interactive chatbot-like apps that can intelligently engage and respond to user queries.

Clevis stands as a user-friendly, no-code platform empowering individuals to create and monetize innovative AI-powered apps effortlessly. With a plethora of features and diverse use cases, Clevis is the gateway to crafting cutting-edge applications and turning them into profitable ventures.

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