ChordAI - Your Ultimate Chord and Beat Companion!

Unlock the world of chords and beats effortlessly with the ChordAI app. Instantly discover the perfect chords for any song, whether it's from YouTube, SoundCloud, or your personal audio files.

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Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Aug. 2019


  • Chord Recognition: Utilize the latest deep learning algorithms for precise chord identification in any song.
  • Beat Tracking: Grasp the structure of a song effortlessly with segmented bars and beats analysis.
  • Key Recognition: Accurately infer the key of any song based on the detected chords, enhancing your musical understanding.
  • Chord Dictionary: Quickly learn to play any song with chord diagrams available for guitar, piano, or ukulele.
  • Real-time Chord Recognition: Experience the convenience of real-time chord recognition using your device’s microphone for seamless interaction.
  • Instrument Separation: Access multitrack separation into 4 stems: bass, vocals, drums, and other. Export individual stems as .wav audio files for versatile music exploration.
  • Audio to Midi: Transform any audio into a MIDI track using cutting-edge technology based on Spotify’s latest research.
  • Basic Pitch Lyrics Recognition: Benefit from high-quality speech and lyrics transcription for any song, powered by OpenAI’s recent Whisper model.

Use Cases:

  • Pick Up Any Song: Load songs effortlessly from YouTube, SoundCloud, your audio files, or leverage your device’s microphone for instant chord and beat recognition.

ChordAI, driven by AI innovation, automatically identifies chords and beats for any song, making it the all-in-one app for both musicians and music enthusiasts.

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