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Experience the magic of turning any photo into a distinctive cartoon drawing with Cartoonify, a neural network powered by Draw This by Dan Macnish and the Google QuickDraw dataset. Give it a try now on Kapwing's website!

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Release time: Sep. 2014


  • Neural network powered: Cartoonify harnesses the power of a neural network to convert your uploaded photos into captivating cartoon drawings.
  • Based on Draw This project: Inspired by Dan Macnish’s Draw This project, Cartoonify brings the charm of turning images into cartoons to a broader audience without the need for a Raspberry Pi based camera.
  • No Raspberry Pi needed: Unlike the original project, Cartoonify eliminates the requirement for a Raspberry Pi based camera, enabling anyone to easily cartoonize their images.
  • Best results with clear objects on a solid background: For optimal results, consider using images with distinct objects against a solid background to enhance the cartoonization process.

Use Cases:

  • Personal use: Cartoonify is perfect for turning personal photos into entertaining and unique cartoon drawings.
  • Social media sharing: Share your Cartoonify creations on various social media platforms, adding a playful twist to your online presence.
  • Marketing and advertising: Businesses can leverage Cartoonify to craft eye-catching and distinctive marketing materials that stand out from the crowd.

Cartoonify is a potent and user-friendly tool for transforming any photo into a captivating cartoon drawing. Powered by a neural network, it delivers unique results suitable for personal or business purposes. Try it now on Kapwing’s website!

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