Brickit - Revitalize Your LEGO Bricks, Build Something New

Transform your LEGO building experience with Brickit! Simply scatter your LEGO bricks on a table, capture a photo, and Brickit will present you with countless ideas on what imaginative creations you can construct.

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Location: Canada
Release time: Aug. 2019


  • Automated Suggestions: Brickit effortlessly generates automatic suggestions, guiding you on the diverse possibilities of what you can construct using your existing LEGO bricks.
  • Precision in Piece Placement: Discover the exact location of each LEGO piece required to bring your envisioned creation to life, thanks to Brickit’s detailed guidance.

Use Cases:

  • LEGO Enthusiasts: For avid LEGO enthusiasts seeking fresh ideas, Brickit is the perfect companion to spark creativity and construct unique masterpieces using their LEGO brick collection.
  • Creative Children: Children can unleash their creativity by using Brickit to build innovative and exciting LEGO creations, turning their scattered bricks into imaginative wonders.

Brickit stands as a valuable tool for LEGO enthusiasts and children alike, offering inspiration to build new creations and revitalize their old bricks. With its automated suggestions and precise piece location features, the creative possibilities are boundless.

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