Playbook AI

Playbook AI: Elevate Your Creative Journey with Collaborative AI Innovation

Immerse yourself in the world's premier collaborative creative space tailored for artists and designers. Harness the power of AI to craft, store, and share your artwork, prioritizing privacy and preserving your unique style.

Semrush rank: 276.3k
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Aug. 1995


  • AI Art & Prompt Storage: Effortlessly generate and store AI-powered art and prompts within Playbook, boasting up to 4TB of storage capacity.
  • Collaboration & Editing: Seamlessly collaborate with design teams and clients, simplifying the process of editing and sharing artwork collaboratively.
  • Smarter Storage: Experience an intelligent storage system that organizes and safeguards your artwork variations and prompts for convenient access.
  • Creative Licenses: Safeguard your intellectual property through creative licenses, ensuring proper usage and attribution of your artwork.
  • Professional Handoff: Streamline the handoff process to clients or team members, ensuring a smooth transition and efficient workflow.
  • Large File Sharing: Effortlessly share large files with clients or collaborators, eliminating the need for external file transfer services.

Use Cases:

  • All Creatives: A comprehensive creative workspace catering to artists and designers of all types, providing tools for AI art, project management, collaboration, and more.
  • Design Teams: Empower design teams to collaborate seamlessly, featuring tools for collaboration, editing, storage, and efficient file sharing.

Playbook AI stands as a groundbreaking platform, empowering artists and designers to integrate AI into their creative processes while safeguarding privacy and artistic integrity.

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