Boomy - Empowering Creativity with AI-Generated Music

Unleash your musical potential with Boomy, a revolutionary platform that enables you to effortlessly create and share generative music, regardless of your musical background. Join a thriving global community of artists and showcase your creations on popular streaming platforms to earn recognition and revenue.

Pricing: Free
Semrush rank: 131.8k
Location: Toronto,Canada
Release time: Mar. 2000


  • Easy Song Creation: Experience the joy of crafting original songs within seconds, even if you’re a newcomer to music creation. Boomy makes the process intuitive and accessible to everyone.
  • Global Community: Immerse yourself in a diverse and supportive community of artists worldwide who harness the power of Boomy’s AI to express their unique musical visions.
  • Streaming Platform Submission: Take your creations to the next level by submitting your songs to popular streaming platforms. Get paid for your artistry as people around the world listen and appreciate your generative music.

Use Cases:

  • Create Your Song: Utilize Boomy’s AI to effortlessly compose your own original song, breaking barriers for those new to the world of music creation.
  • Share Your Music: Share your generative music with a global audience, fostering connections and collaborations within the vibrant Boomy artist community.
  • Join a Community: Become part of a thriving community of artists who create and share generative music, supporting each other’s creative journeys on the Boomy platform.

Boomy is a dynamic and empowering tool that democratizes music creation, allowing individuals of all backgrounds to express themselves through generative music. With seamless song creation, a global artist community, and the opportunity to showcase your work on streaming platforms, Boomy redefines the way artists make music.

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