Bitesnap - Simplify Your Nutrition with Photo Food Tracking

Experience the convenience of effortless food tracking with Bitesnap, an innovative app designed to simplify the process of monitoring your nutritional intake. Say farewell to tedious food journaling and embrace healthier habits by effortlessly counting calories and nutrients through the power of pictures!

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Release time: Dec. 2016


  • Automatic Recognition: Save time and effort with Bitesnap’s automatic food recognition feature, effortlessly identifying the foods in your meals.
  • Calorie and Nutrient Tracking: Effortlessly track your daily calorie, macronutrient, and other nutrient intake using Bitesnap’s user-friendly interface.
  • Food Insights: Gain valuable insights into your eating habits through visual dashboards that break down your daily nutrient and calorie consumption.

Use Cases:

  • Weight Loss: Achieve your weight loss goals with Bitesnap’s intuitive tracking, making it easy to monitor your daily intake and establish healthy habits.
  • Healthy Eating: Simplify the tracking of your daily calorie and nutrient intake with Bitesnap, facilitating the development of healthier eating habits.
  • Food Allergy Management: Effectively manage food allergies by using Bitesnap to monitor your dietary choices and avoid problematic foods.

Bitesnap stands as a game-changing app that revolutionizes diet tracking. With its automatic recognition and insightful analysis of your eating habits, Bitesnap empowers you to build healthier habits and achieve your health goals. Give it a try today!

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