Am I balding

Am I Balding? Assess Your Hair Loss with AI Precision

Step into the future of hair loss evaluation with our AI-powered platform. We accurately analyze your hair loss using the Norwood and Diffuse scales, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your condition. Rest assured, your privacy is our priority, as we do not store your images online.

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Release time: Jul. 2023


  • AI-Based Hair Loss Analysis: Experience a sophisticated AI system that precisely determines your hair loss level using the Norwood and Diffuse scaling, all available for just $19.
  • Privacy Focused: Your images are not stored online, guaranteeing complete privacy throughout and after the assessment process.
  • Expert Assessment: Benefit from a professional evaluation of your hair loss by our expert panel, leading to effective and personalized treatment recommendations.

Use Cases:

  • Hair Loss Evaluation: Ideal for individuals experiencing hair fall, providing a reliable method to assess and understand their specific hair loss condition.
  • Treatment Recommendations: Perfect for those seeking personalized treatment recommendations based on their unique hair loss situation.
  • Privacy-Conscious Use: Designed for users who prioritize privacy, ensuring their images are not stored online at any point.

Our platform marks a significant stride in automated and reliable hair loss assessment, delivering sensitive analysis with a paramount focus on privacy. Take the step towards a professional assessment and explore personalized solutions for your hair loss today.

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