YOUS Connect: AI-Powered Language Translator

Break language barriers with YOUS Connect, a revolutionary messenger with an AI-based translator. Engage in audio/video meetings, phone calls, and chats effortlessly, overcoming language differences. YOUS AI, 8 times more cost-effective than human translators, ensures continuous learning and high translation accuracy.

Pricing: Paid,$14.99/mo
Semrush rank: 4.3m
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Dec. 2019


  • Audio/Video Meetings with Built-in AI-Translator: Conduct online meetings seamlessly with YOUS as your personal voice and text translator.
  • Phone Calls with Built-in AI-Translator: Make calls to mobile and landline numbers, with YOUS translating telephone speech during the call.
  • Chats and Messages with Built-in AI-Translator: Exchange messages in your native language, as YOUS assists in translating messages.
  • Transcription of Speech in Text Chat Format: Speech recognition feature transcribes interlocutors’ speech into text format during chats.
  • Secure Meetings, Phone Calls, and Messages: Ensured security with data being transferred and stored securely.

Use Cases:

  • Meetings: Register for a free messenger with trial minutes. Choose your language and your interlocutor’s language to communicate effortlessly.
  • Phone Calls: Subscribe to the Plus paid subscription for phone calls. Select the language of your interlocutor, call, and talk.
  • Messages: Use the messenger for free with trial minutes. Enter the username in the search field and enjoy chatting in your native language.

YOUS Connect, the AI-based translator messenger, is a valuable tool for those seeking communication across language barriers. Offering audio/video meetings, phone calls, and chats with a built-in AI translator, YOUS AI ensures affordability, continuous learning, and high translation accuracy. With features like speech transcription and secure communication channels, users can choose monthly or yearly subscriptions for additional benefits.

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