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Wraith Docs: Elevate Your Google Docs™ Experience with AI Assistance

Wraith Docs introduces an innovative suite of AI tools crafted to enhance the speed and ease of editing and writing on Google Docs™. This Google Docs™ add-on, currently in open beta, offers a range of semi-unlimited features for free. Paraphrase, expand, simplify, optimize your text, or seamlessly add context-aware content with just one click.

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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Feb. 2023


  • Paraphrase Function: Effortlessly bring a fresh perspective to any highlighted text in your Google Docs™ document with the paraphrase function.
  • Idea Expansion: Bolster your ideas and enhance the comprehensiveness of your text with a single click, saving you valuable time.
  • Text Simplification: Create reader-friendly content by easily simplifying complex statements or sentences within your document.
  • Keyword Optimization: Boost your content’s SEO by seamlessly adding relevant keywords to your text, improving its search engine visibility.
  • Context-Aware Text Addition: Elevate your work by adding context-aware text wherever your cursor is, ensuring relevance and coherence.
  • Flexible Prompt Input: Input prompts of up to 4000 characters, and let the AI generate the text you need for a more efficient writing process.

Use Cases:

  • Fast & Efficient Writing: Boost your writing speed on Google Docs™ significantly with the unique AI tools provided by Wraith Docs.
  • Improved SEO: Enhance your content’s reach by optimizing SEO through seamless keyword integration.
  • Easy Text Editing: Revamp your content effortlessly with easy simplification, paraphrasing, and context-aware text additions.
  • Idea Expansion: Rapidly expand on your thought process, creating comprehensive and detailed documents with ease.

Transform your Google Docs experience into a highly productive endeavor with Wraith Docs. Whether it’s paraphrasing, idea expansion, text simplification, or SEO optimization, Wraith Docs, in its open beta phase, provides it all for free. Step into a new era of writing and editing on Google Docs™ with Wraith Docs.

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