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Elevate Your Sales Game with Winn.AI - The Ultimate AI Sales Assistant

Introducing Winn.AI, your go-to AI sales assistant that takes care of all your sales busywork, allowing you to channel your focus on what matters most - selling. With features like real-time meeting tracking, automated data capture, and seamless CRM updates, Winn.AI is your key to an optimized and efficient sales process.

Semrush rank: 3.7m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Dec. 2021


  • Intelligent Meeting Tracking: Experience the power of real-time conversation tracking with Winn.AI, keeping you informed on addressed talking points and guiding you on the key areas that require attention during your meetings.
  • Effortless Data Capture: Let Winn.AI handle the heavy lifting with automatic understanding and capture of your prospects’ answers. With just one click, import all relevant data to Salesforce or HubSpot, ensuring your CRM is always up-to-date.
  • Instant Sales Insights: Leverage Winn.AI’s ability to detect and interpret prospect questions, discreetly providing you with the information you need in real-time to keep your sales conversations flowing smoothly.

Use Cases:

  • Always Be Winning: Boost your deal-closing prowess by making your sales funnel faster, smarter, and smoother with Winn.AI’s comprehensive AI assistance.
  • Streamlined Sales Tools: Access real-time playbook tracking, data capture, and sales insights – all seamlessly integrated into one platform for a streamlined and efficient sales experience.
  • Frictionless Playbook Adoption: Ensure your customer records stay consistently updated by adopting Winn.AI’s frictionless playbook, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.
  • Seamless Rep Onboarding: Dramatically reduce ramp-up time for new account executives with Winn.AI, facilitating seamless onboarding for your sales team.

Winn.AI stands as a game-changer for sales teams, offering comprehensive AI sales assistance and streamlining the sales process for optimal efficiency and success.

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