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What The Diff – Elevate Your Code Review Experience with AI

What The Diff is an AI-powered code review assistant designed to enhance your pull request workflow. It facilitates writing improved pull request descriptions, accelerates the review and merge process, and ensures everyone stays informed.

Pricing: Freemium,$ 19/mo
Semrush rank: 2.7m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Sep. 2022


  • Instant Code Refactoring: What The Diff suggests pull request changes requiring refactoring, allowing one-click acceptance and significant time savings on code reviews.
  • Pull Request Summaries: Transform your pull request diff into a concise summary suitable for changelogs or team updates. This non-technical summary enhances team understanding and client communication.
  • Fine-Grained Controls: Exercise precise control over What The Diff’s usage. Configure repositories, enable specific functionalities, and decide when it analyzes a diff. Tailor file inclusions/exclusions and generate comments on-demand.
  • Reporting and Notifications: Automatically translate pull requests into status notifications and weekly reports. Keep your team informed without manual updates. Receive notifications via Slack, email, or a custom webhook.
  • Reviews: Countless teams have enhanced their code review and continuous integration processes with What The Diff.

Use Cases:

  • Code Reviews: Enhance your team’s pull request descriptions, expedite reviews, and streamline the merging process with What The Diff.
  • Code Refactoring: Save time on code reviews as What The Diff intelligently suggests changes in pull requests that require refactoring.
  • Team Collaboration: Keep everyone, including non-technical team members, informed about changes made in pull requests with What The Diff.

What The Diff is an indispensable tool for optimizing code review processes. Its AI-powered features contribute to improved pull request descriptions, faster reviews, and enhanced team communication. With granular controls and robust reporting, What The Diff is a valuable asset for any development team. Supporting nearly all programming languages, it’s a must-have for teams aiming to streamline their code review workflows.

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