WebQuery: Explore In-Depth Conversations with Every Link

WebQuery introduces an innovative platform that immerses you in a world where you can effortlessly register the link of an article and spark rich conversations around it. Delve into profound understanding by posing questions and receiving answers from the AI-driven interface, saving significant time on reading and interpreting articles.

Semrush rank: 17.1m
Location: Shibuya-ku,Japan
Release time: Jun. 2023


  • Direct Conversations with Articles: Register the link of your preferred article and engage in dynamic conversations by asking any questions you may have, receiving direct answers from the AI.
  • Multi-Language Support: The platform caters to a global audience with support for English, Deutsch, and 日本語, ensuring accessibility for users worldwide.
  • In-depth Understanding from an AI: Powered by ChatGPT AI, WebQuery comprehensively understands the content of articles, adeptly addressing your doubts and questions to provide a profound understanding.

Use Cases:

  • Quick Information Source: In time-sensitive situations, WebQuery serves as a swift information source, offering essential details without the need to read through entire articles.
  • Easy Insights for Multiple Articles: Effortlessly gather insights from multiple articles by uploading their links, allowing the platform to analyze each one for you.
  • Easy Registration and Management: Register with an identifiable username and conveniently manage all your articles within the application, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

WebQuery is revolutionizing the approach to reading and understanding web articles by providing immediate insight and understanding from a simple URL. Welcome to the future of web comprehension.

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