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Elevate Your Video Production with Wavel AI - AI-Powered Text-to-Speech Solutions

Discover Wavel AI's cutting-edge solutions for video editing, caption generation, and voiceover, featuring automatic subtitles in 20+ languages and realistic voice generators. Revolutionize your video production workflow with Wavel AI.

Pricing: Paid,$16/mo
Semrush rank: 1.5m
Location: Singapore,Singapore
Release time: Aug. 2019


  • AI Caption Generator: Craft top-quality captions with the Wavel editor, offering customizable formats and styles tailored to complement your video.
  • AI-Generated Subtitles: Surpass language barriers using Wavel’s speech-to-text AI and text-to-speech AI, effortlessly generating subtitles in over 20 languages.
  • Voice Generator: Select from a diverse range of humanistic voices, infuse emotion and pauses, and achieve frame-to-frame sync with the assistance of AI.

Use Cases:

  • Video Production: Amplify your video editing workflow and produce lifelike voiceover performances in a matter of minutes.
  • Localization: Generate automatic subtitles in 20+ languages, ensuring your content is accessible to a global audience.
  • Marketing/Advertising: Craft compelling advertisements and promotional videos featuring realistic AI voices and subtitles.

In summary, Wavel AI delivers an all-encompassing suite of AI-powered solutions for video production, localization, and marketing. With its advanced features, Wavel AI empowers businesses to scale their video workflows and connect with a broader global audience.

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