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Explore Wave.video, the online video editing platform designed for seamless video editing, recording, multi-streaming, and hosting. Packed with a diverse range of features and tools, Wave.video makes video creation a breeze.

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Release time: Oct. 2017


  • Live Streaming: Experience dedicated live streaming with Wave.video’s studio feature. Simultaneously live stream on Facebook and YouTube using the platform’s multistreaming capability.
  • Video Editing: Edit videos effortlessly online with Wave.video’s versatile tools, including resizing, trimming, text addition, stickers, captions, and custom subtitles support.
  • Stock Library: Access an extensive library of stock assets, including royalty-free music, stock images, and free stock videos. Import videos seamlessly from YouTube and Instagram.
  • Video Hosting: Benefit from a secure and stable video hosting solution provided by Wave.video. Upload, store, create shareable video landing pages, and embed videos on various platforms.
  • Thumbnail Maker: Utilize Wave.video’s thumbnail maker to craft eye-catching and attention-grabbing video thumbnails. Customize layouts, remove backgrounds, and add titles effortlessly.

Use Cases:

  • Social Media Videos: Ideal for crafting engaging social media videos tailored for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The platform’s templates and tools simplify the video creation process.
  • Video Ads: Effortlessly create professional-looking video ads with Wave.video’s ad templates. Choose from a variety of templates and customize them to align with your brand requirements.
  • Live Streaming Events: Stream live events seamlessly with Wave.video’s live streaming studio. The multistreaming feature enables streaming across multiple platforms and inviting guests to participate.

In summary, Wave.video stands out as a robust video editing platform, providing an array of features and tools that streamline the video creation process. With its user-friendly interface and dedicated features like live streaming, video editing, stock libraries, video hosting, and thumbnail maker, Wave.video is the preferred platform for all your video creation needs.

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