Vee AI

Vee AI: Elevate Your Outgoing Calls and Client Support with Intelligent Consultation

Meet Vee, your intelligent consultant that seamlessly blends conversational AI technology with extensive experience to streamline business processes for companies. Experience enhanced outgoing calls efficiency, optimized client support processes, and tap into the Brilliance ecosystem with Vee.

Pricing: Paid,$1
Semrush rank: 7.7m
Location: Vista,United States of America
Release time: Dec. 2017


  • Efficiency: Vee stands out with effectiveness comparable to a call center employee, ensuring tasks are fulfilled with 100% precision and efficiency.
  • Client Support Processes: From helplines to expansive outbound campaigns, Vee boasts diverse experience, adept at successfully completing a wide spectrum of client support processes.
  • Brilliance Ecosystem: Harness the power of Vee’s innovative AI technology and insights gained from millions of real conversations, contributing to an elevated level of business efficacy within the Brilliance ecosystem.

Use Cases:

  • Outgoing Calls: Choose Vee for unmatched outgoing calls efficiency, providing a compelling alternative to conventional call center employees.
  • Client Support Processes: Leverage Vee’s expertise to navigate and successfully execute a diverse array of client support processes, encompassing helplines and strategic outbound campaigns.

With Vee, you gain access to an intelligent consultant ready to seamlessly implement and enhance various business processes for your company, ensuring efficiency and success.

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