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uLog - The Conversational Journal

Immerse yourself in conversational journaling with an AI companion that excels at asking insightful questions and crafting detailed timelines for any subject.

Pricing: Paid,$2/mo
Semrush rank: 25.1m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Apr. 2023


  • Topics: Create and manage multiple topics to delve into various facets of your life, enabling a comprehensive exploration of different areas.
  • Customizable Reminders: Take control of your schedule by setting one or multiple alarms for each topic, ensuring timely and personalized reminders based on your convenience.
  • Interactive AI Conversations: Embark on engaging conversations with our intelligent AI companion, designed to ask thought-provoking questions and continually learn from your responses.
  • Timeline: Effortlessly track your journey through a well-organized timeline that presents concise summaries of your conversations, providing a holistic view of your experiences.

Use Cases:

  • Personal Journaling: Capture and chronicle your thoughts, ideas, and memories in a revolutionary and interactive manner, fostering a deeper connection with your personal experiences.
  • Productivity Tracking: Boost productivity and gain valuable insights by efficiently tracking information and conversations related to your various topics of interest.

uLog stands as the perfect AI-powered companion for conversational journaling, offering a unique and organized way to document and explore the rich tapestry of your life’s experiences.

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