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Experience the next level of conversation with Typly, an AI keyboard that intuitively suggests automatically generated sentences tailored to the context of your discussion. Simplifying communication, Typly allows users to respond with a single click. It also boasts features like full keyboard support, glide typing, personalized sentence suggestions, response suggestions, a dating function, and diverse sentence bundles.

Pricing: Freemium
Semrush rank: 4.6m
Location: Poland
Release time: May. 2021


  • Full Keyboard Support: Enjoy all soft keyboard features, including glide typing and personalization, with Typly’s comprehensive support.
  • Response Suggestion: Save time and maintain social and business relations effortlessly with Typly’s automatic response suggestions that align with the conversation context.
  • Dating Function: Impress potential partners on dating apps using Typly’s dating function, which suggests flirtatious sentences based on image processing and successful conversation analysis.
  • Sentence Bundles: Diversify your conversations with unique feedback from various sources, courtesy of Typly’s sentence bundles feature.

Use Cases:

  • Fast Reply: Respond quickly and efficiently to messages with Typly’s single-click responses tailored to the conversation context.
  • Dating Apps: Enhance your virtual relationships from the start with Typly’s dating function, offering fun and creative texts for dating app interactions.
  • Diversify Conversation: Expand your conversational horizons with Typly’s sentence bundles, bringing unique phrases from various sources to your fingertips.

Typly is a cutting-edge keyboard designed to streamline social and business interactions. Its unique features, including response suggestions, dating function, and sentence bundles, redefine the texting experience. Try Typly now and enjoy all features free for three months!

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