TypingDNA Focus

TypingDNA Focus: Your Free Mood Tracking Companion

Elevate your well-being with TypingDNA Focus, a complimentary mood tracking app that harnesses typing patterns to identify stress, anxiety, and various emotions.

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Location: United States of America
Release time: Jun. 2014


  • Effortless Mood Tracking: Monitor and record your mood and emotions effortlessly throughout the day using TypingDNA Focus.
  • Advanced Typing Pattern Analysis: Leveraging sophisticated algorithms, our app analyzes your typing patterns to accurately detect and assess stress, anxiety, and other emotions.
  • Tailored Insights and Recommendations: Receive personalized insights and actionable recommendations based on your mood data, empowering you to enhance your overall well-being.

Use Cases:

  • Enhance Personal Well-being: Optimize your personal well-being by utilizing TypingDNA Focus to track and improve your mood, receiving tailored recommendations for a more fulfilling life.
  • Boost Professional Productivity: Improve your professional productivity by effectively managing your mood and mitigating workplace stress with the assistance of TypingDNA Focus.

TypingDNA Focus is a user-friendly and personalized mood tracking app designed to enhance your well-being and productivity. Experience the transformative impact by trying it out today!

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