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Tweet Hunter - Empower Your Twitter Presence for Growth and Monetization

Tweet Hunter is your go-to solution for boosting your Twitter followers, scheduling and automating tweets, and analyzing your performance. Unlock the ultimate tool for building and monetizing your Twitter audience.

Pricing: Free Trial,$ 49/mo
Semrush rank: 101.6k
Location: Iceland
Release time: May. 2021


  • Content Ideas and AI-powered Writing: Ignite your creativity with access to a library of 3 million viral tweets, and leverage AI to generate tweet and thread ideas. Tweet Hunter goes beyond by offering personalized tweet suggestions and tweet prediction features.
  • Scheduler and Automations: Effortlessly plan your tweets and threads weeks in advance with Tweet Hunter’s scheduler. Leverage automation features such as auto DM and retweets to save time and enhance performance, streamlining your Twitter strategy.
  • CRM for Twitter: Uncover high-quality leads on Twitter, extract their data, and initiate relationship-building for increased business opportunities and results with Tweet Hunter’s advanced CRM tools.

Use Cases:

  • Build an Engaged and Relevant Audience: Transform hours spent on Twitter into minutes of strategic investment. Tweet Hunter facilitates engagement, client acquisition, subscriber growth, and increased sales with less effort and more impactful results.
  • Save Time with Scheduling and Automation: Optimize your efficiency with Tweet Hunter’s scheduling and automation features, allowing you to channel your time and energy into high-value tasks for business growth.
  • Identify High-quality Leads on Twitter: Utilize Tweet Hunter’s CRM tools to discover new leads and cultivate relationships, unlocking more business opportunities and driving tangible results.

For those aiming to build and monetize their Twitter audience, Tweet Hunter stands as the ultimate tool for success. With its content ideas, scheduler and automation features, and advanced CRM tools, you can achieve more results with less effort.

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