Turnitin: Fostering Academic Integrity and Enhancing Student Performance

Turnitin solutions are dedicated to upholding academic integrity, simplifying grading and feedback, discouraging plagiarism, and elevating student performance.

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Location: OAKLAND,United States of America
Release time: Jun. 1999


  • Originality: Comprehensively address the originality of student work and emerging trends in academic misconduct.
  • Gradescope: Conveniently deliver and assess paper-based assignments from any location using this modern assessment platform.
  • iThenticate: This high-stakes plagiarism detection tool sets the gold standard for academic researchers and publishers.
  • Similarity: Seamlessly integrate this robust plagiarism checker into existing workflows for comprehensive content similarity analysis.
  • Feedback Studio: Provide constructive feedback and grade assignments using this tool that fosters writing excellence and academic integrity.

Use Cases:

  • Higher Education: Safeguard academic integrity, simplify grading and feedback, and protect your institution’s reputation with these essential tools.
  • Secondary Education: Enhance student writing, check for text similarity, and nurture original thinking skills with these valuable resources for educators.
  • Research & Publication: Publish scholarly works with confidence using the tool trusted by top researchers and publishers to ensure the authenticity of academic content.

Turnitin offers comprehensive solutions to uphold academic integrity, simplify grading and feedback, and enhance student performance.

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