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Explore the world with TravelGPT, your premier choice for planning unforgettable trips to diverse destinations. Dive into a wealth of knowledge on all things related to travel.

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Release time: Apr. 2023


  • Effortless Trip Planning: Seamlessly plan your journeys to captivating destinations such as New York, Tokyo, London, and more, with TravelGPT’s intuitive trip planning capabilities.
  • Multilingual Book Writing: Elevate your storytelling with English book writing that spans a broad spectrum of travel destinations, enhancing the richness of your literary creations.
  • Comprehensive Destination Library: Access a wealth of information about cities worldwide, including gems like Seville, Vancouver, Berlin, and an extensive array of other captivating locales.

Use Cases:

  • For Travel Enthusiasts: Tailored for individuals fueled by a passion for exploring diverse destinations and seamlessly planning their dream trips.
  • Perfect for Authors and Writers: An invaluable resource for writers seeking to infuse their books and stories with vivid details of varied travel destinations.

Opt for Related Code’s TravelGPT to experience hassle-free trip planning, elevate your book writing endeavors, and gain in-depth knowledge about a myriad of destinations.

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