Translate.Video - Unlock Global Reach with 1-Click Video Translation

Effortlessly translate your videos with just 1-click and expand your audience globally. Join over 2700 creators leveraging Translate.Video to streamline captioning, subtitling, and dubbing for their content.

Pricing: Freemium,$191/year
Semrush rank: 957.5k
Location: Iceland
Release time: Jan. 2021


  • Video Caption: Experience automated transcripts and closed captions for your videos.
  • Instant Subtitle: Generate and translate subtitles instantly to enhance your video’s accessibility.
  • Dubbing: Choose from human-like voiceovers, record your voice, or upload audio for seamless dubbing.
  • Editing: Access various styles, elements, and more to refine and customize your videos.
  • ONE App for everything VIDEO: All-in-one solution covering everything your videos need, from generating captions and translating subtitles to dubbing, AI voice-over, voice recording, and format conversion (SRT, VTT, MP4).

Use Cases:

  • Influencers and Enterprises: Translate.Video ( effortlessly translates courses and content into 15+ languages, empowering creators to effortlessly expand their global content reach.
  • Content Creators: Save time and simplify the captioning and subtitling process by translating and subtitling videos 100x faster with Translate.Video.

Translate.Video simplifies the captioning, subtitling, and dubbing process, enabling creators to efficiently scale their global reach. With features like automated transcripts, closed captions, instant subtitle generation and translation, and an all-in-one app for all things video, Translate.Video is the ultimate solution for content creators, enterprises, and influencers aiming to connect with a diverse audience in multiple languages.

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