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Unearth a treasure trove of over 2,918 AI tools for 700 diverse tasks, all updated daily through the remarkable ChatGPT Website Builder. From crafting personalized greeting card designs to mastering language translation, there's an AI tool for every need. And if you've got a unique AI idea, we'll turn it into reality for you.

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Release time: Oct. 2022


  • 2,918 AIs for 700 tasks: Embark on a journey through a vast landscape of over 2,918 AI tools, meticulously updated to serve 700 different tasks daily.
  • Built by ChatGPT Website Builder: The driving force behind this AI wonderland, ChatGPT Website Builder, is the genius behind creating and maintaining this impressive array of AI tools.
  • Ideas for AI: Have a unique AI concept in mind? ChatGPT offers you a platform to see your idea transformed into a reality by building and launching your very own AI tool.

Use Cases:

  • Customized Greeting Card Design: Elevate the art of greeting card design by obtaining personalized creations with a unique and heartfelt touch.
  • File Repair: Revive damaged images and videos, restoring them to their original glory, thanks to the magical touch of iMyFone.
  • Writing Optimization: Achieve peak optimization for your business workflow and marketing content with the indispensable assistance of Co-Writer.
  • Dating Conversations: Navigate the intricate world of dating with the invaluable support provided by the Winggg Dating app, ensuring seamless messaging and interactions.
  • Portfolio Websites: Create stunning project showcases and machine-generated portfolios effortlessly with the revolutionary Showspace.
  • Improved Proofreading: Witness a remarkable transformation in the accuracy and proofreading of your written content within Figma, all thanks to the indispensable Prowriting.
  • Generated Resumes: Empower job seekers to craft compelling resumes that leave a lasting impression with the game-changing Resumy.
  • Language Translation: Break language barriers and embark on programmatic language translation with the assistance of the AI Code Translator.
  • Skin Cancer Detection: Skinguardai takes the lead in early skin cancer detection through image analysis, providing a life-saving service.
  • Customer Assistance: Enhance customer interactions with the help of a customized site chatbot powered by SiteGPT, providing invaluable customer assistance.
  • Lead Generation: Streamline lead generation with the innovative Meetz, simplifying email outreach scheduling and customization.
  • Scientific Article Summaries: Effortlessly condense complex scientific articles into concise summaries with the cutting-edge capabilities of Scisummary.

With an extensive selection of over 2,918 AI tools at your disposal, AI is your steadfast companion for simplifying daily tasks. Whether you aim to optimize your business workflow, enhance proofreading, or plan a memorable vacation, AI tools are your trusted allies. And if you have a brilliant AI idea, don’t hesitate to reach out to ChatGPT to transform it into a reality.

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