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Empower your academic journey with Textero.ai, your trustworthy AI essay writer and versatile academic assistant. Whether you need assistance with idea generation, research, text editing, or paper summarizing, Textero.ai is here to make your academic endeavors less stressful and more efficient.

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Release time: Feb. 2023


  • Comprehensive Source Discovery: Enter your paper’s topic or question, and Textero.ai will locate relevant sources from its extensive database of over 214 million materials. Explore recommended resources, download PDFs with abstracts, and even upload your own sources for analysis.
  • AI-Powered Research Assistant: Leverage the Ask AI feature for detailed insights and intelligent recommendations. Easily integrate this information into your draft for a seamless research and writing process.
  • Inspiration Assistant & Text Editing with Custom Prompts: Generate original content using Textero.ai’s vast source database. Edit your text effortlessly with commands like ‘shorten,’ ‘paraphrase,’ or ‘expand.’ Format your text with bold or italics and download the finalized file to your computer.
  • Efficient Text Summarizer: Textero.ai condenses extensive studies into detailed summaries, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the writing process.
  • Instant Outline Generator: Swiftly create an outline for your essay with Textero.ai. Request specific sections such as a conclusion, counter-argument, or introductory part for a structured and organized essay.

Use Cases:

  • Academic Writing: Generate unique and plagiarism-free essays, research papers, and essay structures quickly and effortlessly with Textero.ai.
  • Coding Assignments: Enhance, explain, or generate new code with advanced AI-driven coding suggestions, making coding assignments more efficient and accurate.
  • Professional Presentations: Create polished and professional-looking presentations for your projects with ease, utilizing Textero.ai’s AI-driven capabilities.

Textero.ai, equipped with advanced AI technology and instant essay typing, stands as the ideal writing assistant to boost your creativity and overcome writer’s block, ensuring a smoother academic writing experience.

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