Taption - Streamlining Video Transcripts, Translations, and Subtitles

Taption offers a seamless solution for generating transcripts, translations, and subtitles for your videos in over 40 languages. Whether uploading from your device or YouTube, Taption simplifies the process by automatically transcribing your audio.

Pricing: Paid,$8/mo
Semrush rank: 6.4m
Location: Toronto,Canada
Release time: Dec. 2015


  • Convert video to text: Automatically transcribe videos from your device, YouTube, Google Drive, or Zoom using Taption’s efficient platform.
  • Add subtitles to your video: Effortlessly include captions or bilingual subtitles to enhance your video’s accessibility and engagement on Taption.
  • Translate video: Translate your video into over 50 languages, extending its reach and impact across diverse global audiences through Taption.
  • Speaker labeling: Utilize Taption to label speakers in your audio files, enhancing clarity and organization.
  • Convert your audio to video: Transform your audio file and an image into an MP4 video with captions, adding visual appeal using Taption.
  • Collaborate with teams: Enable team collaboration with user permissions management, sharing accounts and working seamlessly on Taption.

Use Cases:

  • Video creators: Empower video creators to enhance accessibility and expand the reach of their content by incorporating subtitles in various languages through Taption.
  • Language learners: Support language learners in improving listening and reading comprehension by watching subtitled videos facilitated by Taption.
  • Small businesses: Enable small businesses to make promotional videos more accessible and reach a wider audience by adding subtitles using Taption.

Taption stands out as a robust tool for creating transcripts, translations, and subtitles for your video content. Boasting a straightforward workflow and multi-language support, Taption is your go-to solution for enhancing video accessibility and engagement on a global scale.

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