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Unlock the full potential of human conversations with's conversation understanding and generative AI technology.

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Release time: Jan. 2020


  • Sales Intelligence: Drive outcome-driven conversations with real-time context and insights during virtual sales meetings.
  • Customer Service Intelligence: Empower contact center agents with real-time assist apps, sentiment analysis, and automated summaries.
  • HR Intelligence: Connect HR managers with intelligence for recruiting and retaining employees, including real-time interview coaching.
  • Communications Intelligence: Enable intelligent interactions between employees and customers to drive better outcomes.
  • Meeting Intelligence: Accelerate meeting output and value with real-time transcriptions and key topics to generate action items and workflows.

Use Cases:

  • Sales Intelligence: Supercharge salespeople and better understand buyers by detecting topics, handling objections, and engaging decision makers.
  • Customer Service Intelligence: Increase agent productivity and improve customer experience with real-time assist apps, sentiment analysis, and automated summaries.
  • HR Intelligence: Empower HR leaders and improve employee engagement with real-time interview coaching, performance review summaries, and automated compliance.
  • Communications Intelligence: Increase employee productivity and improve customer engagement through AI-powered call analysis, tracking, topic analysis, and summaries.
  • Meeting Intelligence: Enhance meeting productivity by providing real-time transcriptions and key topics for generating action items and workflows.’s Conversation Intelligence Platform empowers businesses with real-time engagement, predictive experiences, and continuous learning during virtual conversations. Alternatives: Related Articles:

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