Craft Your Social Media Strategy in Just 10 Minutes with Syllaby

Unlock the power of syllaby, a dynamic tool designed to empower service-based businesses in creating a comprehensive social media content strategy within minutes. Discover relevant topics, generate scripts effortlessly, and stay organized with a content calendar.

Pricing: Paid,$49/mo
Semrush rank: 566.9k
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Jun. 2020


  • Find Topics For YOUR Industry: Utilize syllaby to uncover the top questions your customers are searching for online, enabling you to create compelling videos that convert viewers into valuable leads.
  • AI Script Generator: Harness the capabilities of our AI script writer to generate viral video scripts tailored to the topics that resonate most within your industry, ensuring maximum engagement.
  • Stay Consistent: Benefit from a user-friendly content calendar that holds you accountable and helps you maintain consistency with your social media postings, enhancing your online presence.

Use Cases:

  • Lawyers: Effortlessly search for the top legal questions your clients have, and leverage AI to craft scripts answering those questions, establishing your authority in the legal space.
  • Doctors: Address patient inquiries about procedures and diagnoses by using syllaby to identify questions and generate video scripts using the power of AI.
  • Agency Owners: Optimize your workflow by using syllaby to develop ongoing content strategies for all your clients, ensuring consistent and impactful social media presence.
  • Any service-based business!: Tailored for service providers, syllaby is your go-to solution for streamlining social media content creation, offering unparalleled efficiency and impact.

Syllaby presents a straightforward, transparent, and cost-effective pricing model that not only saves you thousands of dollars but also frees up hours of your valuable time.

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