Summate Rapid Web Article Summarization with OpenAI

Effortlessly summarize web articles using, a website employing OpenAI (experimental) technology. Leveraging Full-Text RSS for article extraction and OpenAI for summarization, the platform welcomes anyone to sign up and utilize these APIs.

Pricing: Free
Semrush rank: 1.4m
Release time: Jan. 2023


  • Swift Article Summarization: empowers users to promptly summarize web articles utilizing OpenAI, ensuring efficient extraction of key information.
  • Effortless Article Extraction: Utilizing Full-Text RSS, simplifies the process of article extraction, streamlining the retrieval of content for summarization.
  • API Access: Accessible to all, invites users to sign up and employ the same APIs for both article summarization and extraction, enhancing accessibility.

Use Cases:

  • Research and Study: Ideal for quickly summarizing lengthy research articles, aids in enhancing understanding and comprehension for research and study purposes.
  • Content Creation: Content creators benefit from, utilizing it to extract and summarize information for their articles or blog posts, fostering efficiency in content creation.
  • News Reading: Stay informed with the latest news effortlessly. offers a quick solution to remain updated without investing substantial time in reading lengthy news articles. emerges as a valuable tool for swiftly summarizing web articles, combining user-friendly features with API accessibility for extraction and summarization. However, it’s important to acknowledge that the OpenAI API may have limitations, occasionally affecting its ability to summarize the entire article.

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