StudentMate: Your Ultimate Academic Companion

Never miss an assignment again with StudentMate—the indispensable tool for students to effortlessly manage classes and assignments.

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  • Auto-refresh classes and assignments: Effortlessly stay organized by connecting your Blackboard account to automatically retrieve all your classes and assignments with StudentMate.
  • Automate your assignments: Harness the power of AI to automatically collect assignments from your teachers’ Google Slides agendas, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.
  • Reminders via high-priority email: Receive high-priority email reminders for your crucial assignments, ensuring you never miss an important deadline with StudentMate.

Use Cases:

  • Never forget an assignment: StudentMate is your ally in staying on top of classes and assignments, providing automatic reminders and updates to keep you organized.
  • Connect directly with Blackboard: Streamline your academic life by connecting your Blackboard account to StudentMate, automatically pulling all your classes and assignments for enhanced convenience.

Take control of your academic life with StudentMate and bid farewell to missed assignments. Stay organized, stay on top!

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