Spellbook - Elevate Your Contracts with AI Drafting & Review

Discover the power of Spellbook, utilizing AI to review and propose terms for your contracts seamlessly within Microsoft Word. Book a demo today and become a pioneer in AI-driven contract drafting.

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Release time: Jul. 2022


  • Dynamic Language Suggestions: Instantly generate new clauses and entire sections based on the context of your agreement with Spellbook’s language suggestion feature.
  • Aggressive Term Detection: Promptly identify sneaky or unusual terms, bringing them to your attention for a thorough review.
  • Comprehensive Clause and Definition Listing: Receive suggestions for crucial language and clauses that may be missing from your contract, enhancing its completeness.
  • Negotiation Insights: Access suggestions for common negotiation points, facilitating smoother and more effective negotiation processes.
  • Auto Diligence (Coming Soon): Soon, automatically detect pressing issues across an entire dataroom with Spellbook’s upcoming Auto Diligence feature.

Use Cases:

  • Empowering Legal Professionals: Lawyers, paralegals, and IT/KM professionals can expedite contract drafting and enhance accuracy using Spellbook’s advanced AI capabilities.
  • Versatile Solutions for Firms and Companies: Spellbook caters to firms and companies of all sizes, streamlining the contract drafting and review process with efficiency.

Spellbook stands as a formidable tool for both legal professionals and businesses, streamlining the contract drafting and review process. With AI-driven suggestions, detection of aggressive terms, and comprehensive clause recommendations, Spellbook saves time and enhances accuracy. Book a demo today to experience the future of legal AI.

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